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Take your web site's traffic and convert it into cash! Join our Webmaster's Program today and if anybody you send to us joins any of our sites we will give you 50% of all initial sign-ups and 50% of all recurring billing for as long as that person is a member! Not only that, but the cookie we store will last for three days -- so if someone you sent us signs up days later you'll *still* get the cash!

You will have full access to your statistics online and will be paid twice monthly directly from CC*Bill, our referral partner. All you have to do is copy the banner images we will provide (after you sign up below) and use the link codes. All of this info will be on the hosted galleries and banners page. That's it!

We personally approve any and all sites that sign-up to our program and do not accept any sites with illegal content (per either U.S. and Canadian laws).

Registration is simple: If you already are a CC*Bill RevShare member then enter your revshare ID, username and password to the right below. Your existing CC*Bill RevShare data will be automatically loaded. If you are new to the CC*Bill RevShare Program, click on the ''create new referral account'' button and fill out the form. Easy enough?

After signing up, you will be directed to our promotional materials page where you can get links to our free hosted galleries as well as banners and other affiliate related downloads.

Remember, you can check your stats anytime by visiting the CC*Bill Affiliate Webmaster site

We do not accept email, spyware or adware promotions of any kind whatsoever. Any traffic you generate from email, spyware or adware will result in the immediate cancellation of your affiliate account and the forfeiture of all monies contained therein.

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